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Copyediting is a manuscript's professional polish. Regardless of the choice to traditionally publish or self-publish; copyediting is a must-have for authors who wants to see that book

on a shelf. 

Revisions are made on the manuscript, and comments are made using the Comment feature in Microsoft Word. Suggestions are queried to the author using the comments. Copyediting focuses on: 




Concise writing

Style Consistency

Word Usage, repetition, and consistency 

Dialogue structure and rhythm

Basic fact-checking

Bias Language

Story issues

Grammar & punctuation

$.02 per word

All editing is made in regard to the Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster Dictionary. We use Microsoft Word and Track Changes. A Style Sheet, Editorial Letter, and two passes are included. 

All services require a 50% nonrefundable deposit at the time of booking.

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